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Red Yarn Productions

Central Library (Portland)

June 17, 2016 @ 10:30 am – 11:15 am
801 SW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

“Gettin’ Fitter with the Critters”
Friday, June 17, 10:30-11:15am
Central Library (801 SW 10th Ave)
In this energetic music and puppet show, Red Yarn and his Critters will lead audiences on an active adventure through American folk songs and tales. Performing classic game songs with the verve of a fitness instructor, Red Yarn will get children moving and singing along. Red’s lovable animal puppets—all decked out in their active-wear—will riff on folktales like “The Tortoise and the Hare,” showing that strategy can be just as important as strength. Children will exercise, learn lessons about health, and participate in the folk tradition during this engaging show by an award-winning Portland family performer.