Music & Puppet Shows

Red Yarn offers solo music & puppet shows for schools, libraries, community events and birthday parties. His performances run 40-50 minutes, weaving together folksongs, puppetry and storytelling. Expect audience participation, movement and lots of energy! He’ll adapt to any venue or audience size. In smaller settings he can perform with his acoustic guitar and a suitcase of puppets. If the space allows, he’ll do a full production with sets and puppets galore. For special events, Red can perform with his wife, Ms. Jessie, or with the 4- or 5-piece Red Yarn Band! No matter what show he brings, Red Yarn will keep the kids engaged, excited and thoroughly entertained.

To book Red Yarn at your school, venue or event, contact Andy. Red Yarn’s shows are fun for everyone, but are specifically designed to engage 2- to 9-year-olds and their families.

The following shows were developed with schools and libraries in mind. Please contact Andy at for pricing and availability. 

The Deep Woods: Animals in American Folk Music

Animal characters play an important role in the folksongs and folktales of the U.S.A. Red Yarn will lead students into the Deep Woods, a magical forest where all those characters coexist. Mixing live musical performance with puppetry and interactive storytelling, this program engages students with the songs and stories of our national heritage. (To book at your elementary school, contact  Josephine Kruever at Young Audiences. To book at a library, venue or private event, please contact Red Yarn directly.)

Red Yarn: Born in the Deep Woods (Summer Reading 2017)

Join award-winning family performer Red Yarn on an engaging adventure through the thickets of American folk music! As Red fixes up an old log cabin in the Deep Woods for his growing family to live in, he learns how forest animals build their homes and raise their young. Red Yarn & the Critters team up to create a better future for all of their children, human and animal alike. Audiences will sing, dance, stomp and clap along with this interactive music and puppet show.

Gettin’ Fitter with the Critters (Summer Reading 2016)

In this energetic music and puppet show, Red Yarn and his Critters will lead audiences on an active adventure through American folksongs and tales. Performing classic game songs with the verve of a fitness instructor, Red Yarn will get children moving and singing along. Red’s lovable animal puppets—all decked out in their active-wear—will riff on folktales like “The Tortoise and the Hare,” showing that strategy can be just as important as strength. Children will exercise, learn lessons about health, and participate in the folk tradition during this engaging show by an award-winning Portland family performer. 

Deep Woods Defenders (Summer Reading 2015)

The Deep Woods is in deep trouble! A legion of distracting forces is pushing the Deep Woods out of people’s memories. Red Yarn and a team of heroic critters have banded together to defend the Deep Woods from the Forget-Me-Monsters and Distracto-Bots, but they need your help! If you come armed with your singing voice, dancing body and hopeful spirit, we might just save the Deep Woods together!

Suitcase & Guitar Show

Red Yarn’s simple Suitcase & Guitar Show is perfect for a small private party or preschool visit. He’ll bring his acoustic guitar and a suitcase with five or six critters for a rollicking show weaving together favorite Deep Woods songs and stories. Like in all of his shows, Red Yarn’s critters teach valuable social-emotional skills while bringing American folklore to life.