Red Yarn offers solo music & puppet shows designed especially for libraries. Each summer, Red Yarn creates a new show to fit the national summer reading theme. Contact Andy for pricing and availability.

Born in the Deep Woods (Summer Reading 2017)

Join award-winning family performer Red Yarn on an engaging adventure through the thickets of American folk music! As Red fixes up an old log cabin in the Deep Woods for his growing family to live in, he learns how forest animals build their homes and raise their young. Red Yarn & the Critters team up to create a better future for all of their children, human and animal alike. Audiences will sing, dance, stomp and clap along with this interactive music and puppet show.

The Deep Woods

Animal characters play an important role in the multicultural folksongs and folktales of the USA. Red Yarn will lead audiences into the Deep Woods, a magical forest where all those characters live together. Mixing live musical performance with puppetry and interactive storytelling, this program engages audiences with the songs and stories of our diverse national heritage. (Features animal folksongs from Red Yarn’s ‘Deep Woods’ trilogy.)

Wake Up & Sing

Wake Up & Sing with Red Yarn and his rowdy band of Critters. Audiences will sing and dance along as Red & the Critters wake up, get ready for the day, set off on their adventures, and wind down with mellow lullabies. (Features songs from the 2016 album ‘Wake Up & Sing’ along with other classic movement and game songs.)