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Lomax-a-Day, Day 4

I’m glad I started this project on a long weekend, or I may have been discouraged more quickly. I spent a good chunk of the pre-work morning trying to choose a song out of the “Pioneers” section. Groggy indecision led me to learn most songs in the section, until I finally landed on “Oleana.” It’s […]

Lomax-a-Day, Day 3

My pick for Day 3, “Satan’s Kingdom,” comes out of the North, in the “Shouters and Shakers” section. (Days 1 and 2 also came out of the North, from “Yankee Soldiers and Sailors” and “Old Colony Times,” respectively.) The songs in this section are mostly old shape-note hymns–church songs written with shapes to signal musical […]

Lomax-a-Day, days 1 and 2

The first project I’m documenting on Red Yarn is called Lomax-a-Day. A coworker turned me on to an awesome arts collective called Artclash (artclash.com). This is the 6th year that Artclash has organized “Fun-a-Day,” a project in which artists produce one piece of artwork each day for the entire month of January and then submit […]

Red Yarn!

Thanks for visiting! Red Yarn is a blanket title for my explorations in folk music, puppetry, and storytelling. I’ll use the blog to document my creative process and to share my progress with friends and family near and far. Red Yarn is an extension of my creative output of the last several years. From summer […]

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